A unique blend, a seamless fusion of Mexican Latin, Jazz and Western pop styles. The Mad Mariachi is a powerful and surprisingly igniting musical experience fuelled by a cross-cultural madness which defies music stereotypes.

The band members, each bring their individual charm,  an enormous variety of influences and experience. Together they possess an on stage presence and flair that captivates audiences. Their musical inspiration flows from the southern-most reaches of exotic Patagonia to Spain, Western Classical disciplines, Jazz, Rock, Country, Funk, Ska, Andean folk traditions and Cuban music. From the get go, The Mad Mariachi will take you through a musical journey, though always returning to the place they adore most: Mexico.

The Mad Mariachi are a unique musical powerhouse, wowing audiences wherever they roam. Seeing is believing. Prepare yourself for an experience like no other as this is a show that cannot be missed!